Theatr Ieuenctid Mon

Welcome to Anglesey Youth Theatre!

Theatre can transport us anywhere, bringing characters and places to life with words and imagination.

Anglesey Youth Theatre has successfully encouraged and excited the interest of Anglesey’s children and young people in many aspects of theatre since its inception in 2000. Our weekly workshops are run led by experienced actors and over the years several individuals have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to develop new skills and make friends.

We aim to present all aspects of theatre and drama, which with time develop and build the self-confidence of each individual which is an essential tool in the outside world. Emphasis is placed on the personal and social development of children and young people, which in turn can help build improved self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem.

The Theatre structure enables beneficiaries to work through the provision from weekly lessons, to specialist classes and sessions and can signpost towards casting opportunities for television, theatre, film and radio work

The workshops give our members the opportunity to express themselves in a mystical atmosphere in a relaxed and friendly tone, as well as having lots of fun!  We consider each person to have their strengths and weaknesses. For some, speaking in public is a daunting experience, for others the idea of speaking Welsh is deeply troubling.  Some children and young people join forces to push their performance boundaries and take advantage of this unique opportunity to work so closely with experienced actors. We appreciate that everyone is different, and work closely with each person to ensure that each reaches their personal milestones and full potential.

Our previous workshops have resulted in a variety of performances. From traditional shows such as Branwen and Glanfa, to theatre presentations in education – Road Safety, public readings, promenade theatre performances, and original productions such as #CLIC.

The workshops also offer multiple opportunities outside of weekly sessions with opportunities in radio and television.

No previous experience is required to join our weekly sessions.

We are very grateful to our special tutors for their constant work, the success of our project is very dependent on their dedication.

Details of the tim bach weekly workshops (7-11yrs):

TIM Amlwch – Monday Night – Neuadd Goffa Amlwch – 6.00pm until 7.30

TIM Bach Llangefni – Tuesday Night – Neuadd y Dref Llangefni – 6.00pm until 7.30pm

TIM Borth – Wednesday Night – Ysgol Gynradd Llanfairpwll – 6.30pm until 8.00pm

TIM Caergybi – Thursday Night – Canolfan Ucheldre – 6.00pm until 7.30pm

Details of Big TIM weekly workshops (ages 11 – 18):

TIM Mawr (Uwchradd) – Wednesday Night – Neuadd y Dref Llangefni – 6.00pm until 7.30pm