• Showing parents the benefits of speaking Welsh with their children from the beginning
  • Raising the confidence of parents who want to refresh their Welsh when talking to their children
  • Transfer accurate facts about the value of bilingualism
  • Support parents’ efforts to speak Welsh through social activities and knowledge sharing
  • Supporting and encouraging parents to choose a Welsh language education for their children
  • Support the efforts of parents who want to learn Welsh and refer them to providers
  • Collaboration with early years and education providers
  • Supporting government campaigns
The OgiOgi app is a treasure trove of information offering over 400 useful links to local and national resources – including information about pregnancy, health, services, rights, wellbeing, and leisure opportunities. In addition, it includes a section on child development and guidance on the benefits of bilingualism and the use of Welsh from the cradle. There are also plenty of fun activities for children and parents to enjoy.

To download, click here – OgiOgi | Camau Bach, Small Steps

Types of activities organised include family camping holidays, pram tours and singing and music sessions. For the latest information on events for children and families browse the ‘News’ section, or on tweets and our webpage.