Language has a social purpose, and with the majority of Anglesey’s population speaking the language, Welsh is an integral part of the fabric of our communities. The ability to speak Welsh as well as English contributes to the satisfaction and breadth of individuals’ experiences on the island, as well as promoting their employment opportunities. However it remains a national concern that there is a reduction in the numbers of communities with 70% or more Welsh speakers, which is the safe percentage to ensure the sustainability of our native language. Menter Iaith Môn aims to ensure that the island remains a heartland of the language, offering fun experiences in Welsh to develop individuals’ personal and social skills and enable them to enjoy and contribute to the breadth and buzz of their local communities.

As well as celebrating the linguistic traditions of our area, it is also core to sharing our history and culture with the next generation and with newcomers on the island. There is a wide range of community activities in Anglesey, and Menter Iaith Môn is central to the hustle and bustle, organising events such as Egg Clapping, Halloween celebrations, Cefni Festival, and support for the Anglesey National Eisteddfod.

Opportunities are offered to fund celebrations (£250-£2000), including Welsh or Welsh heritage celebrations, through the National Lottery’s ‘Let’s Celebrate Wales’ scheme. If you are planning to apply for Welsh celebrations, such as St Dwynwen’s Festival or St David’s Day, then Menter Iaith Môn can support your application with ideas, activities or expertise.

We work in partnership with communities and societies across the island and are ready, at all times, to consider new opportunities to collaborate. So if you want support for language awareness transfer, or want to organise fun activities in your community or society, please call 01248 725709 or contact to discuss your ideas further.

Menter Iaith’s work in the community is supported by the Welsh Government and further guidance can be found here on the importance of the Welsh language.