Anglesey is known as ‘Gwlad y medra’ – a ‘Yes I Can Land’, and this is more than an empty boast, as the majority of the island’s pupils are fluent in both Welsh and English when they finish primary school at 11 years old. The 2011 Census shows that 82% of Anglesey’s young people aged 10-14 can speak Welsh, and a further increase in the percentage of young people who speak the language is expected by the 2021 Census. Additionally, to maintain language standards, the schools aim to instil an awareness of Welsh culture and heritage by working towards the  Siarter Iaith’s gold award quality mark.

If you are a parent who is unfamiliar with the Welsh language, we understand that you may wish to have more information about bilingualism involving a language that you don’t know well yourself. We hold language awareness sessions, which include viewing a DVD with education experts’ conclusions, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to organize a session in your area or school or amongst a group of friends. By seeing anxieties and frequently asked questions answered by a leading international academic expert on bilingual education, Professor Colin Baker, it will be much clearer to understand why experts recommend the advantages of bilingualism to parents of young children.

In addition to the bilingual provision in our schools, the evidence highlights the advantages of learning Welsh from the cradle and through the pre-school years. Using Welsh through stories, singing and play, together with the ubiquitous presence of English in the mass media around us, children will become naturally bilingual – an ability that develops the brain in a way that is not possible when speaking only one language. Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin provides further support and guidance for parents of pre-school children.

To supplement the success of our schools, Menter Iaith Môn works outside the school walls, delivering family and community events to provide opportunities to use and enjoy the Welsh language socially.

There are links here to the relevant information for parents who are starting out on the exciting journey with a bilingual education for their child.