There is only one Selog and she lives on Anglesey. Selog is a friendly yellow dragon who encourages children to listen to stories in Welsh and guides them to browse in books and then to read them. On Selog’s request on MônFM, you can hear various artists reading 52 amusing stories by well-known authors. As well as giving busy parents a break in the car or at home, the recordings are an excellent resource for parents who do not speak Welsh and for Welsh-learners looking for an abundant source of stories in Welsh for their children.

Selog is a very sociable and popular creature, and when she visits parent and child groups to deliver story and song sessions, parents can see the excitement and enjoyment their children experience when listening to stories in Welsh.

Unfortunately, a cave can be a very lonely place for a dragon who thrives on meeting people, so please let us know of any opportunities to invite Selog to come along to your group, library or nursery to have fun with stories and books. Please phone 01248 725 700 or contact to discuss.