UK Community Renewal Fund

The Welsh language has been introduced to new businesses, groups and families across Anglesey as a result of the UK Community Renewal Fund. The purpose of the fund was to trial new ways of promoting the Welsh language by supporting community use and improving language skills. Menter Iaith Môn administered the budget on behalf of Anglesey County Council.

Meinciau Môn

With Welsh place names at risk of being lost/changed or forgotten, Meinciau Mon aims to preserve Welsh place names while also celebrating the language, culture and heritage.

The project will commission local artists to design and decorate public benches, incorporating the original Welsh place names into the design. The artists will hold workshops with local children and young people in the area to a) ensure that young voices are included in the project and encourage a sense of ownership and b) raise awareness among the younger generation of the importance of the Welsh language and heritage.

The Menter team will also hold workshops with students in local schools to enrich online articles discussing the background and context of these names and their importance. QR codes will be created and placed on the benches, providing a link to Wikipedia sites that will give them more information.

Porth Swtan – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porth_Swtan

Caergybi – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caergybi

Nant y Pandy – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nant_y_Pandy

Rhosneigr – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhosneigr

Traeth Coch – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traeth_Coch

Porthaethwy – https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porthaethwy