The Community

Ein Hanes Ni

The Ein Hanes Ni project is a joint project between Menter Iaith Môn, Anglesey County Council, TeliMôn and S4C. It aims to encourage children in the area to explore how the area has changed over the years; the buildings, the lanes, the people, and the language. This is to give voice and value to the fond memories of older members of the community, while educating the next generation about local history.

One of the aims of the project will be to create an opportunity for children to ask questions of older residents of villages across Anglesey to discover the history of their local areas, and consider how things have changed over the years. The project will encourage children and people to visit different places in the villages, discuss the history, and search for lost information. It will all be documented, put together in the form of a short film, and then shown to local residents through special presentations at the end of the project, so that the whole community benefits.

The short film will be shared with the wider public – an opportunity for anyone in the world to learn more about a close-knit Welsh community on Anglesey. 

This project is part of the wider Friendship, Wellbeing and Volunteering work, focusing on resident wellbeing and the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Menter Iaith Môn hopes that the young people will use their new skills, and gain the confidence to actively contribute to other local and community activities. The project will continue to support them to become leaders in their local areas, by encouraging them to get out and about on issues of interest and concern to them.

Pen – Pals

The Pen – Pals project is forging new friendships between children and older people on the Island by writing letters to each other. The scheme offers children extracurricular writing opportunities, educates them about the art of letter writing, and builds relationships through words. In addition, the scheme offers a special way of tackling loneliness among the older participants, and gives them the opportunity to practice their Welsh writing, and offers new comfort through new friendships.

One of Menter Iaith Môn’s main aims of running this scheme is to offer new and regular opportunities for children and young people to use their Welsh. It also aims to see the older generation pass on their history, language and entertaining stories to the younger generation in a fun, friendly and natural way.

By now, Menter Iaith is pleased to announce that they welcome anyone (child or adult) to be part of this scheme going forward. If you are interested, we would do our best to find out your Pen Pal as soon as possible.