The Welsh Language

The updated language profile by the Menter Iaith gives us a comprehensive picture of the welsh language situation on Anglesey, including how many people speak the language and how much use is made of the language on the Island. To visit the profile, click here – Welsh version – Census 2011: First Results about the Welsh Language in Anglesey (

Almost 60% of Anglesey’s residents speak Welsh. This is one of the Welsh heartlands in Wales.

But what is the benefit of being able to speak Welsh?

  • Bilingualism improves opportunities for employment, and opens more doors
  • People appreciate being offered a service in their mother tongue – and being able to discuss issues more easily in their first language
  • Research shows bilingualism slows dementia and other alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Bilingual people in Wales earn between 8%-10% more pay each year compared to people who speak only one language.

But will learning and speaking two languages hold me or my child back?

  • Children in bilingual schools are often ahead of the curve in reading and counting. Multilingual people are a minority in the world. 2/3 of the world’s population speaks more than one language.
  • Learning Welsh doesn’t affect learning English. Research shows that it improves overall communication.
  • There is no need to make an extra effort to speak English to a Welsh child. He will very likely learn English naturally.

Your Welsh is good enough! No matter how you speak, your wording is worth the world to a child!

We want to raise residents’ confidence to use Welsh confidently in social situations. Through our community work we want to see a social buzz during the initiative’s events with those communities espousing the Welsh language as part of its texture and sublimeness. An integral part of this work is also securing financial fountains to implement mitigation measures on the linguistic impact of major developments on the Island.

According to 2011 census figures the number of Welsh speakers in Anglesey is 38,568 or 57%. This is one of the Welsh heartlands in Wales and therefore of strategic importance throughout to ensure that the Welsh language is viable.

There are 27 wards where over half the population can speak Welsh, and there are three wards in Llangefni with over 80% of the population able to speak Welsh. These are a number of areas of strategic importance in order to maintain Anglesey as a stronghold, and investment must continue.

The community work of the initiative also includes influencing the language use of local service providers, groups and organisations. This work includes training, sharing knowledge and resources and collaborating to develop and create change. The workplace has a key role to play in building confidence among Welsh speakers to use the language in other aspects of their lives. We believe that the status of the language in the workplace is important in terms of emphasising the value of Inuit education Welsh, and to that end we run language awareness sessions with young people and collaborate with partners to hold career fairs with employers who value the Welsh language.

Here’s a link to the Pecyn Croeso!