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What the Clappers?! Anglesey Celebrates Easter

Posted Tuesday April 4th, 2017 in the category

Menter Iaith Môn will be supporting communities who are getting together to celebrate Easter by ‘Clapping’ for Easter eggs between the 10th and the 12th of April. ‘Clapio Wyau’ / ‘Egg Clapping’ is an old tradition and in villages such as Carreglefn, Rhosybol, Brynsiencyn, Talwrn and Llynfaes the children and their families will gather in the school or the village hall to learn a simple song before going around houses to sing for chocolate eggs. A key component of the tradition is the big commotion, so once again Anglesey youngsters will be out for the best in creating clappers from wood which will be noisy enough to get them noticed as they walk through the village.

All are welcome to join in these traditional Welsh activities, which are very popular with the children as they enjoy collecting a bag full of chocolates and making crafts afterwards. On the Monday 10/4/17 the Egg Clapping will start at Carreglefn school at 10am and then at Rhosybol school at 2pm; on Tuesday 11/4/17 the activity will be held at y Ganolfan community hall at 10am in Brynsiencyn; finally on Wednesday 12/4/17 the ruckus will start at Talwrn Hall 10am and then from Neuadd Bodwrog, Llynfaes at 2pm. Each child pays £2, which includes the cost of making their own clappers; all children should be accompanied by an adult.

Helen Thomas, who heads Menter Iaith Môn said: “We’ve had eager requests from some villages because the children enjoy this Easter activity so much. It really is heartening to see communities, and the parents of young children, showing such enthusiasm for our Welsh traditions. Naturally we are very grateful to the kind community members who open their doors and reward the children’s ‘clapping’ and chanting with chocolate eggs.”

Picture caption: The rhyme traditionally chanted by Anglesey children to obtain eggs at Easter: “Clap, clap, gofyn wŵ, hogia bach ar y plwy, plîs ga’i ŵy?’

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