Mentrau Iaith Cymru


Although each family on Anglesey is unique, one common challenge for all is the importance of making the right decision about the relevance of the Welsh language to their children's lives. The home is the greatest influencing factor on language choice, and Menter Iaith works to support and encourage families to use and appreciate the Welsh language. This work includes organising regular events for parents and children during the week and informal activities for the family on weekends and during holidays. The aims are:

  • To demonstrate the advantages gained when parents speak Welsh with their children from the start
  • To increase the confidence of parents who wish to improve their Welsh language skills when talking to their children
  • To disseminate true facts about the value of bilingualism
  • To support parents’ efforts to speak Welsh through social events and sharing information
  • To support and encourage parents to choose Welsh-medium education for their children
  • To support parents’ efforts to learn Welsh and signpost them to providers
  • To work in collaboration with early-years and education providers
  • To support government campaigns

The types of activities organised include camping holidays for families, pram walks and singing and music sessions. For the latest information on activities for children and families, browse our ‘News’ section, or follow us on Twitter or facebook. Or if you would like to discuss the advantages of bilingualism for your child, or any anxieties in this respect, please phone 01248 725709 or contact










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