Mentrau Iaith Cymru

The Community

Our aim in this area of work is to strengthen the Welsh language's position in the community.

We want to increase residents’ confidence to use Welsh in social settings. Through our community work, we want to create a social buzz in Menter’s events and to see those communities embracing the Welsh language as part of their fabric and infrastructure. Also integral to this work is the task of finding sources of funding in order to implement actions to mitigate the impact on the language of large developments on the island.

Our main community projects include

  • Prosiect Caergybi (The Holyhead Project) – We have an officer working in the town to increase the status and profile of the Welsh language, and to provide a link between the Welsh language in the community and young people. Work in this town is focussed on areas of priority 1-4 with particular emphasis on working in cooperation with our main partners and stakeholders in the town.
  • Gŵyl Cefni (link to webpage) – A Welsh-language festival held in Llangefni town centre in June. It is now 15 years old and has seen performances by Wales’s top artists. The festival is held over 4 days and offers a wide-ranging programme for all the family.
  • Supporting Businesses and Workplaces – Increasing opportunities for people to use Welsh in the workplace, improving staff members’ confidence to use Welsh confidently in the workplace when communicating with each other and with customers. Increasing customer awareness of Welsh language services



Gwyl Cefni

According to the 2011 Census, the total number of Welsh-speakers in Anglesey is 38,568 or 57%. This is one of the language’s strongholds in Wales and it is therefore of strategic importance overall to efforts to safeguard the viability of the Welsh language.

There are 27 wards where more than half the population are able to speak Welsh, and in three wards in Llangefni, over 80% of the population speak Welsh. So, here we have many areas of strategic importance to efforts to safeguard Anglesey’s stronghold status, and it is vital that investment here continues.

The staging of the National Eisteddfod in Anglesey in 2017 presents an opportunity for Menter to support and promote the various Welsh language events and activities that will be held. After the Eisteddfod has been hosted here, and over the period covered by this plan, Menter will work to ensure that the Eisteddfod has a lasting impact and leaves a legacy. We also aim, over the period of the plan, to increase the number of people who support Menter’s work through area committees and volunteers at activities and events.

Menter’s community work also includes influencing language use by local services, groups and organizations. This work includes training, disseminating information and resources and co-operating on developments and creating change. The workplace plays a key role in terms of boosting Welsh-speakers’ confidence to use the language in other parts of their life. We believe that the status of the language in the workplace is of key importance in relation to messages emphasising the value of Welsh-medium education. In that respect, we deliver language awareness sessions with young people and we work with partners to stage careers fairs with employers who value the Welsh language.

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